About Us

About Pretty in Paper By B 

Bethan Aspland with iris folding flower card

Pretty in Paper By B was founded in May 2020 when founder Bethan Lucy Aspland (pictured right) began to share her creativity on social media, and people began to ask how they too could share in her passion for iris folding.  Since then, we have developed a number of resources to help those who are on their own paper crafting journey, from beginner card making kits, to more advanced iris folding patterns and templates. Our website hosts a blog and video tutorials and Bethan continues to inspire others through her social media presence on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube.


Iris Folding and Mindfulness

Covid-19 has increasingly put a strain on our collective mental health across the world. Now, more than ever, there is increased demand for resources that help people to care for their own mental wellbeing. Through personal experience Bethan knows that the mindful focus required when following an iris folding pattern, somehow has a calming, restful effect on the mind. During lockdown, founder Bethan began to share her love of iris folding on social media in hope of inspiring others to get creative and feel the joy, and to promote positive mental wellbeing more widely. The response was amazing and she soon realised that as well as inspiration, people wanted more practical help in terms of craft resources, patterns, templates and materials. This interest and engagement has spiraled into a loving, encouraging Pretty Paper Community.

Though her health has improved, Bethan still relies on the support of her family and friends, and Pretty in Paper by B is very definitely a family business!


Meet the Team

Bethan Lucy Aspland, is the founder and director of Pretty in Paper by B. She a young, UK-based, Yorkshire crafter, who fell in love with creative paper craft through making cards and gifts for friends and family. 

Bethan Aspland holding a large floral iris fold artwork

Several years ago, she faced a massive mental health challenge when she began to suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME). She went from being an active, energetic student and gymnast, to being largely bedridden and wheelchair bound.  Forced to withdraw from her studies at University, she moved back home so her family could help support her. During those times, when her whole sense of identity was called into question, paper craft became a way for her to play, create, rest and be restored. You can read more about this on her blog. Pretty in Paper by B was born out of this personal struggle to flourish in adversity.

Bethan's brother, Callum, became involved fairly soon after the launch of Pretty in Paper by B. Callum works hard behind the scenes in several roles. He is responsible for editing high quality videos for Bethan's social media. He has made a significant contribution to website development, and continues to make sure that product content is up to date and accurate. And lastly, he assembles all of the card and craft kits making sure that they remain in stock and available to purchase.

The Aspland Family - Steve Aspland, Mandy Aspland, Bethan Aspland, Delia Kelly and Callum Aspland (left to right)

Bethan's mum, Mandy, has helped with web-site development and is often given the job of trouble-shooting and researching information (such as which is the best printer to buy!). She also proof reads a lot of the text!

Bethan's Dad, Steve, has built the craft cabin, the workshop where all of the creative projects are made and filmed. He also lends his project management knowledge to excel spreadsheets, etc., which has helped Bethan to manage the increasing demands of running a new business.

Even Bethan's Gran, Delia, helps out by taking parcels to the village post office!


Projects and Partnerships

Bethan Aspland on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas Rocking HorseExcitingly, Bethan has begun to collaborate with some big name brands who share similar values in order to bring you more lovely ideas and inspiration. Watch out for more on this in the coming months. Meanwhile, here in the UK you can catch her in an episode of Kirstie's Handmade Christmas aired on Channel 4 on 23rd December 2021 (and on catchup after that). And if you're interested in working with her in some way, get in touch via our Contact Us page.


Our Values

Our very real hope is that Pretty in Paper by B enables more and more  people to feel the benefits of mindful creativity as they play and experiment with iris folding to create their own beautiful paper craft makes. And of course they then get to pass on that joy by giving away their handmade gifts and cards to those they love!

Our Angel Policy explains what's OK and what's not OK when it comes to selling things you've made with our kits and patterns.



Our care and concern for people also extends to caring for the environment. We minimise use of plastic in our packaging, preferring instead to use paper and card throughout the process wherever possible.