Portrait pearlized blue card with wavy topper containing four iris folded sea shells in pastel coloured papers.

Sea Shells Iris Folding Patterns x4 | Beginner Patterns PDF Download | Card Making Templates

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This set of four different sea shell iris folding pattern booklet is a printable PDF download. Suitable for beginner crafters and those new to iris folding this gorgeous set offers endless possibilities for greeting card designs for many occasions.

The Sea Shells iris folding PDF document includes:
• 4x Iris Folding Shell Patterns
• 4x Pattern Guides
• 4x Shell Card Templates
• 1x Detailed Instructions

Other details:
• Difficulty: Beginner
• Patterns are for crafters’ personal use only – commercial enquiries are welcome.

To create an iris folding shell card, you will also need:
• 1x Sheet A4 card
• 1x Sheet A4 plain paper
• 5x different pretty papers
• 1x Small piece shiny card (for the center)
• Sticky tape
• Scissors
• Glue Stick (optional)
• Double-sided tape
• Pencil & ruler
• Blue Tac
• Craft knife
• Cutting mat

Happy crafting!

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Crafting love, B🌸

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